Bedside Tables and Drawer Chests

Blum soft close fitted as standard on all drawers

Our drawer chests are available in 4 width measurements, 392mm, 492mm, 592mm and 792mm and the height varies depending on how many drawers are required. For use as a bedside table 2 or 3 drawers high usually works best depending on the height of the bed in the room. All drawer chests are 500mm deep and are delivered fully assembled and fitted with Blum soft close as standard.

Board and wood effect drawer fronts come with mushroom handles fitted as standard. Please specify if a different handle is required. Drawer chest plinths are 50mm.

Drawer chests arrive fully assembled and ready to use


Angled Handle
For glass drawers
(fitted as standard)

Cone Handle

Mushroom Handle
For wood effect fronted drawers
(fitted as standard)

Curved Bar Handle

Bar Handle
200, 300, 400 & 480mm

Push To Open