Coronavirus / Covid 19
Protocol for collections

Commonfield is monitoring the current situation and government guidance on the Coronavirus outbreak, duty of care to our staff, customers and suppliers is of paramount importance.

When collecting product from Commonfield:

  • Do not enter the office buildings (Units 1,2 & 3).
  • Toilet facilities are available in unit 7 (opposite the main buildings).
  • Materials are to be collected from unit 3 (goods out) only.
  • When collecting, on arrival call Graham parsons (number listed below)
  • Commonfield goods in / out staff have been asked to keep 2m away from allexternal personnel & customers and avoid physical contact.
  • The shutter will be opened and the materials brought to the front-loadingbay, materials need to be checked and loaded by the driver who iscollecting.
  • Paper work will be in the cage with the materials, once loading is completesign the paperwork and leave it in the cage.
  • Commonfield personnel will be present whilst loading is being completedand will pick up the paperwork once loading is complete.
  • If assistance is required when loading please notify our office in advance and we will provide operatives to load vehicles, however due to social distancingmeasures please note the driver will need to remain in the cab (if enclosed)or 2m away from Commonfield personnel whilst loading is ongoing.
  • Other phone numbers of operatives working on site are listed below, in caseGraham is otherwise engaged and unable to answer the phone.

    Graham Parsons – 07966 286146
    Ilian Stanev– 07454 770012
    Matt Honeysett – 07714 745 948
    Darren Mapley – 07814 169949
    Office number – 01582 697750 ext 203 or 214
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